Proposed Phased Re-opening of Rivacre Valley Primary Schol

Proposed Phased Re-opening of Rivacre Valley Primary School

The Government have asked that primary schools begin to welcome back pupils to Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 in June 2020. These year groups within mainstream primary have been prioritised because they are key transition years.  

This will be in addition to the current offer made to the children of Key Workers and those who are classed as vulnerable.

The Local Authority are fully aware of the challenges that surround this development for schools and would like to re-assure parents, that it is the Council’s view that the safety of your children and staff is of the utmost priority.

Since the announcement made by the Prime Minister on the 10th of May, the Senior Leadership Team and Phase Leads have been working tirelessly, on putting together a plan for how this could look for Rivacre.

A detailed Risk Assessment has been completed and staff and parents have been consulted through google forms.  The information from this has been used to inform our plans going forward.  

The Local Authority is strongly advising schools not to widen their re-opening until, at the earliest,

8th June and that will, of course, be subject to any further developments in national advice and guidance. Schools will, however, continue to follow national guidance in offering places to children of key workers and vulnerable children.

Our plan:

From 2nd June 2020: Rivacre Valley Primary School will re-open to the children of key workers and those who are classed as vulnerable.

From 8th June 2020 (at the earliest): Rivacre Valley will begin our phased re-opening to the following year groups: Nursery 2, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6.

The government have stated that: Settings will need to consider how they integrate children into their education offer. They have the flexibility to make the right decision for their circumstances on how these pupils are supervised, continue to learn and are supported in school.

In light of this the Leadership team and Governing Board have agreed on the following steps towards providing an “in school” based educational offer for the identified year groups.

Please be advised that this is not set in stone and could need to be reviewed if scientific guidance requires:

  • Each year group (approximately 40 children) will be divided into 4 “groups” of 10 children
  • A teacher will be assigned to each “group” – this teacher will have experience of teaching this age group
  • A teacher / Key worker will be assigned to each group in EYFS
  • 2 “groups” from each year group will attend school for 2 days, the other 2 “groups” will continue with their home learning.

For example - Year 6

Year group

Teacher assigned to group

Days for

“in school” learning

Days for

“home” learning

Year 6: Group 1

Miss Causer

Monday & Tuesday

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

Year 6: Group 2

Miss Gidlow

Year 6: Group 3

Miss Jones

Wednesday & Thursday

Monday, Tuesday & Friday

Year 6: Group 4

Mr Parsonage

All groups will carry on with their “home” learning on a Friday to enable staff to receive their planning, preparation and assessment time (PPA) and for deep cleaning to take place throughout the school.

The Key worker / Vulnerable children group will continue to attend as they currently do but with revised end of day times. (A further communication will be emailed to parents who are key workers or have a child classed as vulnerable to explain our “in-school” offer further)

At Rivacre Valley we have focussed on the following protective measures:

  • Amending the school day times to allow for increased cleaning

(From 8:30am to 2:00pm)


Start time


(15 mins)


Home time













Year 1






Year 6






Vulnerable / key worker group





  • Increasing cleaning throughout the school day
  • Staggering start and end times to reduce ‘pinch points’ – 15 minute intervals between year groups arriving / leaving
  • Children dropped off / collected from set places –

Warren drive entrance: Nursery 2 / Reception / Year 1 / Year 6

Main school entrance Key worker and vulnerable children

  • Utilising our outdoor space as much as possible
  • Reducing year group sizes - with no more than 10 in any “group”
  • Children and staff staying within their “group” - no mixing with other “groups” in school
  • Keeping children and young people in those small groups 2m away from each other
  • Creating systems for movement around school – predominantly 1 way
  • Anyone with symptoms not to attend school for any reason.
  • School to have an up to date phone number and email address if your child is to attend

We will continue to provide meals for all children in school – this will be in the form of a packed lunch. Children in Reception and Year 1 will be entitled to their Universal Infant free School Meal.

For children in Year 6 these will be free of charge where pupils meet the free school meal (FSM) eligibility criteria.

Nursery parents can either pay for a lunch or provide their own packed lunch.

The provision of food vouchers / food parcels for those eligible under the benefits criteria will also continue to be available. 

We understand that some of these arrangements may hinder a full return to work for some parents but the health and safety of our community is our first priority and has driven all decisions we have made.

School will inevitably look different to how it did.

We aim to produce a simple and short video of what school will look like and the changes children will face later today, with the hope of sharing it with parents over the weekend or during half term.

Please be assured that we will do our utmost to keep everyone safe, however, we cannot provide a guarantee that all risks have been eliminated.

We also understand that for some parents the thought of sending your child back to school now is too soon. Only you can make that decision and parents will not be fined for non-attendance.

We hope this begins to map out our intentions for the coming weeks. If you would like to discuss any aspect of this plan please contact school and we will do our utmost to allay any fears or answer any questions.

Take care and stay safe,

Kate Docherty             Kate Hubbard

Headteacher               Chair of the Governing Board





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