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Welcome to Year 5/6 

The topic for this term is
World War II

Our wow starter!

World War 2  Evacuation begins on Monday 6th January – children and staff will arrive back in school after the Christmas break dressed in period costume and ready for evacuation!



VE Day- 75 Years Later…

We will learn how the war in Europe affected lives at home, including the impact of rationing, The Blitz and evacuation.

We will create a timeline of events during World War II and develop a greater understanding about some of these events, such as the D-Day landings and Pearl Harbour.

We will also explore the role of women at home and the important work undertaken by the Bletchley Park ‘code-breakers’.

In addition to learning about life in Britain, we will also learn about life in Nazi Germany. Finally we will learn why the war ended, how this was celebrated at home and the impact of Germany’s defeat across Europe

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Axis or Ally?

We will use maps to locate the countries involved and whether they were members of the Axis or the Allies. We will discuss why this conflict was known as a ‘world war’. Children will learn why countries outside Europe fought on either side.

We will research the countries involved in the conflict, finding out about their national food, clothes, flag, major cities etc.

We will learn about how trade was affected during this time, resulting in ‘Grow Your Own’.


With Nazi planes raining bombs on England night after night…

Children will read Robert Westall’s ‘The Machine Gunners’, taking turns to read aloud at times using appropriate intonation. While reading, we will use our growing knowledge of root words, prefixes and suffixes as well as contextual clues to learn the meaning of new words we meet. The children will draw inferences regarding characters’ feelings, thoughts and motives and they will justify these with evidence from the text.  We will also discuss the author’s use of language and how this impacts on our opinions about characters and events.

The children will have a range of writing opportunities linked to the plot of the story and the characters. We will examine the differing points of views of the characters as the story progresses and children will write in role as different characters. They will also use direct speech in their writing, using their dialogue to convey character and advance the action.


English Skills
On-going weekly English skills lessons, with a focus on spelling, grammar and reading comprehension.

Throughout this term, the Year 6 children will continue to work with Miss Hancell and Miss Jones, reading a range of fiction, poetry, plays and non-fiction. They will explore features of texts and answer a wide range of comprehension questions about these.

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The Year 5 children will read ‘Friend or Foe’ by Michael Morpurgo. They will develop their inference skills and will justify these with evidence from the text. The children will continue to develop their understanding of new words in context, asking questions where needed to improve their understanding. In addition to answering a range of comprehension questions about chapter, children will begin to summarise the main ideas.

They will also continue to read for pleasure and participate in discussions about the books they read, recommending books to their peers with reasoned choices.

At the end of the term, we will rehearse and perform our Key Stage Two play, Keep Smiling Through

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Click on this link for help with your English SAT's



Children will continue in their daily maths groups.

Spring term focus: Four operations, fractions, decimals and percentages

See weekly planning

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Class Maths

We will be looking at angles and time

See weekly planning

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We will identify materials, name their properties and compare and group everyday materials on the basis of these properties. We will investigate dissolving and how some materials then form a solution. The children will then describe how to recover a substance from a solution and use their knowledge of solids, liquids and gases to decide how to separate different mixtures.

They will finally develop an understanding that some processes, such as dissolving and mixing are reversible but that others are irreversible and can result in the formation of new materials

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Throughout their work, they will work scientifically to answer questions, make and explain predictions, control variable to ensure fair tests and record their findings using scientific language.

Art and D/T

Henry Moore

After looking at Henry Moore's life and career, we will explore his War Art and recreate images in his style using a range of materials.

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Anderson Shelter

We will work in small groups with children in Lower Key Stage Two to design, make and evaluate model Anderson shelters.

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Children will respond to stimuli and adapt and change their movements according to the music. They will combine and link a small number of movement phrases and patterns and perform these with confidence.

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Children will develop their skills and then apply these to competitive games, including basic principles for attacking and defending.

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 Year 5 children will swim in the second half term and refine their strokes for an extended length and practise self-rescue.

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Music to our ears

The children in Years 5 and 6 will continue to have the opportunity to choose and learn to play an instrument from a choice of trumpet, trombone, euphonium, flute, clarinet, saxophone or glockenspiel.

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Hola Amigos!

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We will learn to name the days of the week, months of the year, animals and recap greetings.



Children will revise prior knowledge about Islam and explain key muslim beliefs about Allah and how to follow his will. They will name and understand the Five Pillars and how Muslims incorporate these into their lives. They will learn about Muslim organisations and their charitable works.  Throughout our work, we will use appropriate vocabulary and discuss beliefs respectfully.

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Game Design

We will explore games that we enjoy playing online and conduct market research about what makes a game enjoyable to play. Children will then design their own games on I pads and adapt these after identifying ways to improve (debugging).  They will finally play and evaluate their own and friends’ games.

As part of our E-Safety work, children will understand the importance of creating strong passwords, keeping them safe and the consequences of sharing a password or leaving it lying around

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