Year 3/4 Mr Parsonage 2020 - 2021

Mr Parsonage

Miss Plested

Welcome to Year 3/4

Our topic this term is


Our wow starter!

The classroom will transform into a circus!

Children will practise circus skills such as spinning plates, juggling, magic tricks, clown performances, mime and many more! They will perform as part of a large group and showcase their talents. Use clips from Britain’s got Talent to highlight different talents and showcase a class talent show and link to The Greatest Showman.



Leon wants his brothers and sisters to believe in magic just like he does but when he volunteers to be in Abdul Kazam’s magic show even his wildest dreams are realised. From Card tricks to rabbits and magicians assistant Leon soon finds out that anything can end up in the place between.


By listening to and responding to the text the children will write:

  • Setting description
  • writing in role,
  • retellings and recreating
  • information poster




Our Autumn Term focus is Place Value, Addition and Subtraction.

We will use base 10 and then move onto place value counters to support this.

Class Maths

We will investigate position and direction through turns, coordinates and quadrants.  (see weekly planning for differentiation)


Children will identify common appliances that run on electricity by learning to distinguish between appliances that use and do not use electricity, the different types of electricity and identify how to stay safe when using electricity.



Children will draw simple circuits and discuss whether the circuit would work in practise.

Children will create simple circuits containing cells, wires, bulbs, switches and buzzers.



Children will complete investigations to find out different types of conductors and insulators.


Key Vocabulary:

Electricity; cell; circuit; switch; voltage; bulb; conductors; insulators; wires.



  • Use my voice and my actions to express feeling and to describe sounds- Learn and perform a class song by the Beatles- Here comes the Sun?

  • Classical/Current music through the decades; War Songs? Dame Vera Lynn? Queen? Elton John?


Focus on the decades during the 1900’s including

The Jazzy 20’s

The swinging 60’s



To research and learn about some of the greatest figures, entertainment and past times of the 20th Century with a focus on the different decades by looking at music, film, fashion and food.

Six week unit

(Two weeks)

1900 – 1920s – At the movies – looking at start and development of film making with reference to Charlie Chaplin and the silent movies of the 20s with children making their own silent movies.

1930s – 1940s – The Jazz Singer! – The children will learn about Glen Miller and perform Hey Mr Miller as a class!


(Two weeks)

1950s – Go Grease Lightning! – The children will learn about the changes in fashion throughout the 50s and take part in a class dance.

1960s – The Swinging Sixties – The children will learn about The Beatles and how they changed fashion and entertainment for young people in the 60s. They will learn famous songs and learn about the changes in Liverpool during this time.

1970s – Abba/Disco Scene

They will design T shirts based on popular T shirt designs from the 70s.

(Two weeks)

1980s – The Gogglebox – The children will learn about the development in TV throughout the 80s. Children will talk about and research famous TV shows and in groups create their own TV programmes for the class to watch.

1990s – Technology – The children will learn about the development of technology in relation to toys and gaming. They will compare games from this decade to now and to the beginning of the twentieth century.



Key Vocabulary:

Motion picture; illusion; still frame; camera; cinematic; circus; performance; leisure; entertainment; jazz






Looking at maps of the world and identifying where the UK lies – Countries and cities

  • Looking closely at our area comparing Ellesmere Port with rural areas [Lake district] and an area outside of the UK.
  • Look at the land use of our area and research how it has changed over time.
  • Design a type of settlement based on the needs of characters.
  • Use maps and atlases to locate the source of popular food products from a typical shopping list.


Trade links



Art and Design

Andy Warhol

Children will learn about the work of Andy Warhol by creating their own Pop art through different techniques.








Online safety using the EAWARE programme.

Children will use Sketch Nation to create their own games. These games will be planned and evaluated on their entertainment value.





We will learn to greet each other in Spanish and play games to learn Spanish numbers and colours. We will also learn a song in Spanish

We will find out about the Spanish speaking world – including the only Equatorial Guinea, the only Spanish speaking country in Africa

Finally, we will find out about Feliz Navidad – experience some of the traditions of a typical Spanish Christmas, including sweet making, Roscon cake tasting and creating Spanish Christmas cards




Time for Hockey:

This term children will learn the principles of the game Hockey including passing and receiving, dribbling as well as invasion games

Mrs Morgan and Mrs Denham

Monday – Games and Athletics
Thursday – Dance

Mr McEnroe

Tuesday – Gymnastics
Wednesday – Games and Athletics


Mr Parsonage

Tuesday – Gymnastics
Thursday – Games and Athletics

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