Year 3/4 Miss Hughes and Mrs Denham 2019 - 2020

Miss Hughes

Mrs Denham

Welcome to Year 3/4

Our topic this term is
 World War II

Our wow starter!

World War 2  Evacuation begins on Monday 6th January – children and staff will arrive back in school after the Christmas break dressed in period costume and ready for evacuation!

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‘London’s burning. London’s burning! Fetch the engines, fetch the engines!

Fire! Fire!

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We will write:

[see weekly planning]

Letters, diary entries, character and setting descriptions, non-chronological reports and a short historical narrative.

Weekly comprehension. 

We will be using short films from the Literacy Shed –War and Peace Shed

Beyond the lines

The Piano

 Germans in the woods

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Our author of the half term was an RAF pilot in WW2;

Roald Dahl

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We will continue to read for pleasure and share our reading with our Reading Buddies in years 5 and 6

Rehearse and Perform in our Key Stage Two Play Keep Smiling Through.

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Spring term focus: Four operations, fractions, decimals and percentages

See weekly planning for differentiation

See calculation policy

Year 3

Start with multiplying by one digit numbers and showing the clear addition alongside the grid.

Year 4
Moving forward, multiply by a 2 digit number showing the different rows within the grid method. 

Class maths: 

We will:

Revisit and investigate shape. [see weekly planning]

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 Investigating coordinates Year 4 [see weekly planning]

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VE Day- 75 Years Later…

We will learn how the war in Europe affected lives at home, including the impact of rationing, The Blitz, the role of women and evacuation.

We will create a timeline of events during World War II and develop a greater understanding about some of these events, such as the D-Day landings. 

In addition to learning about life in Britain, we will also learn about life in Nazi Germany. Finally we will learn why the war ended, how this was celebrated at home and the impact of Germany’s defeat across Europe.

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Axis or Ally?

We will learn about the countries involved and whether they were a member of the Axis or the Allies.

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In pairs we will choose one of the countries, finding out about their national food, clothes, flag, major cities etc.

We will use role play to reinforce which countries were Axis and which were Allies.



What is the Nutrition Pyramid?

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We will work together to produce a class pyramid for display using packaging/photographs/collage.


We will learn that Nutrition knowledge today owes much to the work done during WW2. From food survey to food rationing we learnt valuable lessons regarding nutritional requirements and how these could be provided to everyone in the population at a time when many foods were scarce.

Key nutrition dates
1939 Ministry of Food set up
1940 National Food Survey established
1941 Nutritional standards for school meals introduced
1942 Mandatory fortification of margarine with vitamins A and D began
1944 First Food Labelling Order

1944 First Proceedings of the Nutrition Society published.

As a cross curricular link, the children will investigate and make recipes from WW2 and decide how/why/if they think the food is nutritious.

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How do we make muscles work?

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We will make our own bicep models to show how muscles move.

Spring 2


We will take part in the freeze frame challenge – is it a push or a pull?

We will investigate whether how gravity and magnetism are forces that can act without touching.

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We will observe and draw a magnetic field

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We will work in our co-operative learning groups to devise a magnetic game to play at our VE Day celebrations


Art & DT

Taking our inspiration from WWII Propaganda Posters, we will look at the work of Official War Artist Abram Games and design posters in his style.

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We will design and make a model Anderson Shelter

We will make, taste and evaluate recipes from WW2

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Who's got talent?

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The Music of World War II

Through weekly music lessons and assemblies with our peripatetic teacher and class sessions:

We will learn, rehearse and perform a variety of World War II songs for our play; Keep Smiling Through.  We will also sing for our termly performance to the residents of Mayfield’s Care Home.

We will listen to a range of music from WW2 including Glen Miller, Vera Lynn and Gracie Fields



Image result for ww2 lindy hop dance

Dance:  responding to stimuli and adapting and changing movements according to the 1940’s style music.

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Swimming; first half tem Year 3 children will be swimming.

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Gymnastics; using the equipment to develop a range of skills.

Games; developing skills in small sided, competitive games.



Making direct links with our topic, we will…

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Learn about the Jewish faith from stories and historical works

We will explore the importance of the Jewish Covenant with God

We will take a trip to an online synagogue

We will celebrate Pesach (Passover), re-telling the story of the Exodus from Egypt and assembling a traditional Seder Plate along with Matzot bread


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Continue our language learning from last term and build into sentences and paragraphs. 

We will be learning to name parts of the human body and facial features.

We will be learning to name clothes by making play dough bodies and labelling each part.

We will be exploring the culture of Spain through food tasting including paella, churros and chorizo.



We will explore coding and algorithms to complete various tasks and be introduced to new vocabulary.

Use Beet-Bots to explore instructions and various apps on the iPads including Scratch Jr to practise creating our own codes and algorithms.

 Explore how computers work.

Look to explain how the internet works, how search engines work and how we can narrow searches to give more relevant results.


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