Year 1/2 Miss Stokes 2020 - 2021

Mrs Harrison

Welcome to year 1/2

This year it will be strange for the children coming back as many of them have been away from school since March 20th. The main focus will be the 'Well Being' of all the children, making sure September feels as normal as it can for them. 

Our topic this term is:

There's No Place Like Home

‘Our Hook’

We will watch Disney's 'Inside Out' to help us learn and name a range of emotions. The children will explore each one by generating synonyms to develop their vocabulary, thinking of scenarios and acting them out by pulling faces into hand-held mirrors to create their very own emotions flipbook. The children will also make their own core memory marble jar.

What We Can Learn from 'Inside Out' about the Value of Our Emotions   


During Term 1 we will read ‘The Colour Monster’ by Anna Llenas.

The Colour Monster: Llenas, Anna: Books


Along with the monster in our text, we will explore a range of emotions and find what each emotion means through colour.


Throughout the term, the children will write:

A character description, A message of advice, A diary entry (recalling a real event from lockdown, children choose an emotion from their own colour monster creation [links to D&T] and A narrative.


During Autumn term 2, we will read 'Troll Swap' By Leigh Hodgkinson 

Trendy Tuesday: Troll Swap | Neely's News

A Troll and a Girl are different to others so when they meet they decide to swap places. At first, everything is going well but after a while, they both begin to think about home and they learn to love their differences.

Throughout the term, the children will write:

 A character description, A setting descripltion, Instructions 'How to be a Good Troll', A letter and A narrative.

Thoughout the Autumn term the children will continue to practise and apply their basic skills of; capital letters, full stops, finger spaces and phonics as well as new vocabulary, grammar and punctuation taught.


Key Vocabulary

emotions    feelings    advice    friend    troll    cave    foghorn    dull    belonging  



Throughout this term, we will continue to read ‘The Colour Monster’ by Anna Llenas and ‘Troll Swap’ by Leigh Hodgkinson but we will explore them in more detail.


The children will:

Explore words and phrases, developing their vocabulary

Think of times when they have felt different emotions and share these using words and pictures

Make predictions

Compare trolls in 'Troll Swap' and in other texts. Discussing similarities and differences

Sequence events

Explore and discuss a range of stories and make simple comments about whether they enjoyed them, their favourite characters etc

Key Vocabulary

predict    compare     sequence     discuss  



Our focus for Autumn will be Number and Place Value and Addition and Subtraction

LEGO Duplo Number Line for Addition and Subtraction - In The Playroom      

Key Vocabulary

place value   tens   ones   add    subtract    equal     more than     less than   total    altogether   estimate    commutative


Class Maths


In Class Maths, we will be investigating Shape and Position and Direction, children will look at and recognise some 2D and 3D shapes. They will also describe postion, direction and movement, including half, quater and three-quarter turns (clockwise and anti-clockwise).


Key Vocabulary

rectangle   square   circle   triangle   cubiod   cube   pyramid   sphere   symmetrical   edges   vertices   faces   vertical

half turn   quarter turn   three-quarter turn   whole turn   clockwise    anti-clockwise


Children will sequence members of their family in age order, developing an understanding of a chronological framework. They will also create a timeline to show key milestones in their own life (born, 1st birthday, 1st day at school, now) some will also use dates to label them.



The children will also draw and label a picture of their home and discuss the different types of places people live (house, bungalow, flat, caravan etc). They will think about the types of homes their great grandparents lived in and compare them to ours today by commenting on differences and similarities. Finally, they will become history detectives by studying items from homes in the past and answering questions.

Key Vocabulary

A long time ago...    In the past....     chronological order     timeline     semi-detached house      detached house terrace house      bungalow      flat      caravan     artefact



The children will learn that we are all part of the school community. During the Autumn term, we will be exploring the Geography of our school looking closely at maps and features of where we live.

Children will be introduced to the term ‘aerial view’ and draw a simple aerial plan of their classroom. Thinking carefully about the shapes and position of features.


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