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Football Tournament 2018

On a rainy, windy night in November, children in Year 3 and 4 competed in a football tournament against other schools. The children played really well as a team and came 3rd in the Tournament. A fantatsic Beckham style goal was scored by Mckenzi.

Tennis Competition 2018

The children competed in a tennis competition at the UCEA against other schools across the local area. We had 2 teams of 4 to compete for our school. The children played well and enjoyed playing! They also met tennis coaches who helped throughout the event and provided information about joining a tennis club. Well done to both teams!!!

Rugby Mega Fest 2017 

On the 22nd of September, all of the Rugby club people in year 5/6 went to a tag rugby festival. The festival included helping you improve your tag rugby skills. The skills were passing, communicating and more.

There were more than one school though, there were mutiple schools like Rossmore and Little Sutton. All the games were very fun and everyone learned something.

My rating on the day is 10/10 and I think everyone enjoyed it and anyone who did not go would like it. yes

Report by John Nuttall year 6

Cross Country 2018

On the 26th March, a few people from year 3-6 went to a cross-country event at the Ellesmere Port Sports Village (EPSV). For the people who don't know what a cross-country event is, it is a fun event for people to do a long-distance running race against other people. Pretty simple if you ask me! There were a lot of other schools going too. From the looks on everybody faces, I think everyone had a good time.!! If you did not enter last time see if you can enter next time. A lot of people in our school won as well but I have one thing to say. It does not matter about winning just have fun!!

Report by John Nuttall year 6

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