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Parent/Carer Questionnaire

Each year the parents are invited to complete a questionnaire about their opinions of the school and the education their children are receiving. The results for this year are summarised below.

Number of completed questionnaires =

Results of particular questions:

Do you feel that communication between the s chool and parents/carers is adequate?

Yes  (95%)


No (2.6%)


Don't Know (2.6%)


Do you feel that your child is happy within our

school environment?

Yes  (100%)


No (0%)


Don’t Know  (0%)


Do you have any worries regarding bullying?

Yes  (11.8%)


No (87%)



Don't Know (1.3%)



Do you feel that the school discipline policy is

preventing bullying in our school?

Yes (71%)


No (1.3%)


Don't Know (27.6%)


Would you as a parent/carer know who to

approach if you thought your child was being


Yes (92.1%)


No (1.3%)


Don’t Know (6.6%)



Do you think the school does enough to cater for

the children in our school with special educational


Yes (63.2%)


No (3.9%)


Don't Know (32.9%)




Do you think your child gets enough homework?

Yes (80.3%)


No 11.8%)


Don’t Know  (7.9%)



Do you think that the homework set is challenging

enough for your child?

Yes (93.4%)


No  (2.6%)


Don’t Know  (3.9%)




Do you think that enough is being done by the school to prevent absences?

Yes  (56.6%)


No (11.8%)


Don’t Know (31.6%)



Do you think that enough is being done by the school to prevent lateness?

Yes  (65.8%)


No  (1.3%)


Don't Know (32.9%)



Do you think that your child’s teacher is approachable if you have any issues or worries to discuss?

Yes (97.4%)


No (0%)


Don’t Know  (26.%)



Do you think that your child’s Head teacher is approachable if you have any issues or worries to discuss?

Yes  (92.1%)


No (13.%)


Don’t Know (6.6%)



Do you have any school uniform issues?


Yes (2.6%)



 No (97.4%)


Don’t Know  (0%)


Do you think the external appearance of the school would appeal to prospective pupils and parents?

Yes (97.4%) 

No  (1.3%)


Don’t Know  (1.3%)



Which statement best describes overall the education you feel your child receives at our school?

An Excellent Education Covering More than expected  (50%) 38/76

A Good Education Covering Everything expected (50%) 38/76

A Satisfactory Education, but Some Improvement needed (0%)


Results of free comment


Comments (verbatim):

Positive:  My litttle girl is the youngest in her class and I have seen her come on leaps and boundssince moving from Reception to Year 1. I generally can't fault anything sbout the school. All the teachers are good at their jobs and reception staff are great especially Mrs Cole - she is always very helpful and polite.

I am very happy with my sons progress. He is happy in school and has friends. He enjoys the thought of going to school and I have no problems getting him there. I am happy overall with the standard of education my son receives.

Myself and my husband are very happy with the school and the Reception teachers. We feel they are very approachable and our daughter is very happy and lets us know all the interesting things she has done during her day in school. Very happy parents.

I have no worries with the school as all my children have attended this school and have all done so well.

Very good school and very approachable if there are any problems or concerns. Also have a very nice and understanding Headteacher who is always helpful.

I have had some hard times in the past and the school and staff have been amazing supporting myself, my partner and my children. Amazing school and staff, could'nt ask for better.

Think introducing Tapestry is a great idea.

My child enjoys attending school and learning new skills.

My child has settled extremely well. I think this is due to her teacher. Mr Denham makes education fun and exciting. Good, imaginative,encouraging and fun. Perfect for a 4 year old.

Since joining the school my children are happy to come to school.

As a parent I'm very happy with how Rivacre Valley and all the staff have such an approachable nature, if there is a problem I find the 'open door' policy one of the best, nothing is made to feel too much trouble. As far as the children go I feel such a happy well cared for feeling from each of them, each child is known well and to each of their abilities this set aside from the educational part is a wonderful priceless quality. I'm hoping to be a part of this school when Ofsted grant it 'outstanding' because thats the place it deserves to be.

Really good school, such kind and helpful teachers and really good headteacher.

My son always tells me he loves coming to school.

I am pleased with the progress of my child in nursery placement. Miss Scott and teachers have helped my child with her learning and reading stage 1 books with pictures. I have noticed from the nursery she was in to the nursery in your school my child wants to go to school most importantly she enjoys coming to this school.

In relation to teachers being approachable I have ticked don't know as due to my work it is rare for me to drop off or pick up my child from school. However, have been advised by childs father is very approachable and helpful.


General: A summer holiday club would be great.

Would appreciate more homework to prepare for high school.

I think year 5 children could have more challenging homework. I also think cursive writing should not be introduced below year 3 especially if a child already struggles with their handwriting, but overall very happy with the teacher/parent relationship and also teacher/child relationship too.