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Rivacre Valley Primary School Vision

"Oh, the places we'll go....."  

Together, we create a safe and fun place to learn, explore  and grow.

Our School Day is from 8.50am until 3.15pm.


At Rivacre Valley we are committed to safeguarding our children and work in partnership with Cheshire West and Chester Local Safeguarding Childrens Board and Cheshire Police (Operation Encompass). Further details of our involvement in Operation Encompass can be found in a letter on the parent page.



It's cool to be in school!

All children who are in every day each week (100% attendance) will be entered onto a prize draw for either:

• an instant win or

• to be entered into the grand prize draw for a new bike each term

Children will decide in class the type of instant prizes they would like (approximate value £10)

This weeks 100% Attendance prize winner is........LeahsmileyCongratulations!!

 Last Term our 100% attendance winner of a new bike was......... Harry smiley Congratulations yes

Well done to all of the children who had 100% attendance.


Parents & Children should be aiming for 100% attendance

Spring Term 2 Wk 1 WK2 WK3 Wk4 Wk5 Average attendance for this half term
REC 91.2% 91.0% 81.6%      
Y1/2 VV 95.2% 92.3% 93.1%      


90.8% 94.0% 97.2%      
Y1/2 GD 96.8% 94.0% 96.9%      
Y3/4 YC 96.1%




89.7% 86.3% 85..7%      
Y5/6 VE 94.0% 93.8% 93.5%      
Y5/6 TS 87.3% 89.3% 91.4%      

Y5/6 SC

82.7% 93.8% 87.7%      


Spring Term 1 Wk 1 Wk 2 Wk 3


Wk 5 Wk 6 Average attendance Total for this Half Term
Reception JD 91.2% 88.8% 93.2% 92.8% 97.0% 94.4% 92.9%

Yr 1/2 VV

88.8% 92.6% 90.4% 96.4% 96.0% 96.0% 93.3%
Y1/2 LR 92.0% 95.6% 92.0% 92.4% 99.6% 95.2% 94.5%
Y1/2 GD 91.5% 84.1% 90.4% 94.4% 98.4% 96.8% 92.6%
Y3/4 YC 94.3% 94.5% 91.6% 94.5% 97.7% 99.0% 95.3%
Y3/4 GM 91.0% 86.7% 83.0%


96.3% 94.7% 90.7%
Y5/6 VE 95.8% 63.6% 93.5% 95.5% 96.0% 96.5% 90.2%
Y5/6 TS  93.9% 84.1% 91.5% 92.4% 91.9% 92.9% 91.1
Y5/6 SC 91.0% 84.9% 85.9% 89.1% 97.3% 93.6% 90.3%

Highest overall attendance for Spring Term 1 is: Mrs Colclough's Year 3/4 classyessmiley

Lowest overall attendance for Spring Term 1 is: Mrs Evans' Year 5/6 class sad

We are pleased to announce that Rivacre Valley Primary has achieved the Bronze School Games Mark award for commitment, engagement and delivery of competitive school sport in 2016/17.


*NEW* School Money        

Rivacre Valley Primary School is delighted to announce that we are now in a position to offer the facility for parents to make payments online for school activities such as school trips, clubs and uniform and dinner money. From time to time you will receive a text message from the school inviting you to access a website as an option to make a payment for an activity. We would appreciate your support in this matter,to ensure that we all experience maximum benefit from this service, we would ask all parents to notify us if you have recently changed your mobile number and/or email address. Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.



Star of the week

Our Star of the Week is.....Brogin. Headteachers comments*Tries very hard at everything*Learning to do the right thing all the time*A kind friend. Well done Brogin!!

Star Animated ClipartTwinkling%20stars

Our Stars of The Week So Far This Year..........

Rivacre Valley Primary School

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Ellesmere Port
CH66 1LE

Tel: Mrs Cole (Admin Officer) on 0151 338 2020  
Email: admin@rivacrevalley.cheshire.sch.uk

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